The Patriot Ice Center, in Newark, Delaware, is reviving it’s Skating Academy, to be headed up by renowned coach Priscilla Hill.

Hill, best known for her work with three-time U.S. champion and 2006 Olympic competitor Johnny Weir, was named U.S. Figure Skating’s Coach of the Year in 2004.

“Big things are happening within the program,” Michelle Gross Daichman, Director of Skating Operations for the Patriot Ice Center, said. “We want to show that there’s a place for everyone on the ice, whether they are in competitive figure skating, synchronized skating, Theatre On Ice, test track, or for people who just love to skate. The exciting part is that we’re rebuilding a fully integrated program from the ground up under Priscilla’s direction.”

Hill, whose former notable students include Ashley Wagner and Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov, was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2005. After she took Viktor Pfieffer, the 7-time Austrian National champion, to the 2010 Vancouver Games, Priscilla had to step away from the ice almost completely in 2012 to concentrate on managing her Graves condition. She is returning to coaching at the Patriot Ice Center as the Director of the Skating Academy, bringing with her, among others, international coach and choreographer Chris Conte and 2006 World champion Kimmie Meissner. The team will also include 1980 Olympic ice dance champion Natalia Linichuk.

“We’ve assembled a very robust team,” Gross Daichman said. “We’re excited to see where these developments take skating in our community. We’re adding wide-ranging off-ice programming, and even launched the First State First Grade Skating Initiative that offers free Learn to Skate USA lessons for local first graders. We’re thrilled to have everyone on board as we continue to build and develop our skating programs.”

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